New iPhone 13 Leaks, Apple Watch 7 Design & iOS 15 Features! 

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New \u0026 exclusive iPhone 13 Pro leaks! New Apple Watch Series 7 square body redesign, iOS 15 features (leaked \u0026 rumors), 2021 MacBook Pro 16 \u0026 14-in redesign \u0026 AirPods 3 \u0026 AirPods Pro 2 release date! WWDC next week, too excited!

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Last iPhone 13 Leaks

- Special thank you to Concept Creator for modeling the Series 7 \u0026 internals, A15 chip \u0026 MacBook Pro 16/14-in! uslift.info/home/09L...
- Exclusive leaks provided by Max Weinbach: MaxWinebach
- Jon Prossers Apple Watch Series 7 Leak Video: uslift.info/one/onew05WVpaeoy2k/video.html
- Wallpapers by legendary AR7: AR72014
- iOS 15 Concept: apple_idesigner
- iOS 15 Control Center Concept: www.behance.net/gallery/80675...

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Jun 4, 2021




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Sam M
Sam M 7 hours ago
Apple need to wow us
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 15 hours ago
Wow Apple better come through with these rumours excited!
Garrett Driskill
Garrett Driskill 15 hours ago
I’ve been hearing roomers of 120 hertz iPhone display since iPhone 6 lol
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Gavin.L Day ago
Also Idk why they take out the stem like how tf I’m spossed to grab this shit
Gavin.L Day ago
Digital lisese u know mfs bouta hack the id to say 21
JordanJ Day ago
Your cases are ugly bro lol Stick to the videos.
Jacob Day ago
I'm looking forward to the 13 Pro. Currently using the 12 Pro Max, which honestly sometimes feels a little too big. But I'm really worried with the 13 Pro's Battery Life considering it's small capacity and 120 Hz
Arian Bd
Arian Bd Day ago
In my opinion, among the phones that will come out in the future iPhone, 13 Pro, 14 Pro should have a display of 6.3 inches.
brushot Day ago
It’s one thing to have a boxy phone, but I feel like a boxy watch will not feel good on the wrist, or at least have the bottom part of the watch be curved.
Apple Day ago
Iphone 13... 4Nm
elkoyottt Day ago
Any word on when 1 inch photo sensors will be used in iPhones? Like in Sharp Aquos R6. With all the tweaks photo quality is still poor on iPhones. You can’t get it much better without a big sensor.
Yevette Walmer
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Kiara Reyansh
IPhone camera has been the best camera phone i have ever seen ever since it came to an existence 🥰🥰🥰🥰💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Kiara Reyansh
Kiara Reyansh 21 hour ago
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Barbara James
Barbara James 21 hour ago
Wow I'm just shocked someone mentioned and recommended Gabriella Alana Richard 😳i taught I'm the only one trading with her 🤭
John Steve
John Steve 23 hours ago
Cryptocurrency will still take us to the moon, when the time comes 🚀✈️
Johnny Earl
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Orion Day ago
Apple and iPhone is the best
Space Gaming
Space Gaming Day ago
Eargerlyyyy waitntntgg forrr 13 pro maxx😭😭
Voiderlegend123 2 days ago
You copy mous phone cases
A 2 days ago
My wish is that someone help me, even at a small price, to buy an iPhone 11, please do not ignore my comment that I only have 5 dollars
Rocky Sunuwar
Rocky Sunuwar 2 days ago
Jersey suit you 😎
michael Pickering
I like your t-shirt that was a shock didn't think ipod touch come back don't like how the new MacBook fatter
matze0402 2 days ago
No new Macbooks :(
20_inches_BMX 3 days ago
If the watch looks like that it will be awesome. Never thought the watch looks classy with its rounded chassis
Jonathan_Perez 3 days ago
Wait should I just wait for the new Apple Watch or do I get the series 6? Now that I finally switched to iPhone I want to know what’s best.
Michael Robb
Michael Robb 3 days ago
Make a Case for the iPhone 8 PLUS
Hakim 3 days ago
They have sure to make a larger battery
Jessee Jean
Jessee Jean 3 days ago
Your videos never disappoint me! Thank you!
Yowun Mahagamage
Yowun Mahagamage 3 days ago
I always watched your videos, but will never get iPhone. because i haven't money for get it.
Romain Provost
Romain Provost 3 days ago
Sum up for Apple Watch : Just a new design LMFAO ! No new sensor, no new display pfffff ! Shame on Apple !
Elias Castillo
Elias Castillo 3 days ago
The iPhone se plus still coming? Because i really need it !!!
moodrevolver 4 days ago
Wouldn’t it be easier to say it’s just like last year’s model? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄
Gianni Knies
Gianni Knies 4 days ago
I’ve being a fan since you’re 500K subs I’m still loving you’re content
Robaroo 4 days ago
Snowball’s chance in hell that’s the new Apple Watch design. Looks instantly dated.
Paul 4 days ago
This IPhone 13 and IPhone 13 Pro back just looks amazing
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 4 days ago
Please do worldwide shipping with your rebel phone cases
Rasheed Ahmed
Rasheed Ahmed 4 days ago
3:12 here
tnprime 4 days ago
Apple Watch design is a fail. looks cheap and breakable.
Joao 4 days ago
It’s going to be a disappointment if apple don’t change the body design again. I’m getting so bored of the same thing.
Just Me
Just Me 3 days ago
I don't think that'll happen any time soon. Probably they could, but... Only "redesign" I might expect would be the smaller notch and perhaps anything related to the cameras and buttons. There on...
tuan side
tuan side 4 days ago
Useless storage ever apple just give 5gig icloud😑
Mohd Imran Naseem
Fake news
Ladder 5 days ago
the fuck lmao 😂
Park The Kar
Park The Kar 5 days ago
Minis are just twins with a better outfit
Andrew phelps
Andrew phelps 5 days ago
They need to add an SD card slot
Just Me
Just Me 3 days ago
I totally doubt they'd do it. Maaybe a USB-C port? But I doubt it too.
Tiara Jackson
Tiara Jackson 5 days ago
My favorite colors is red Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13 plus 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait getting those Next Years
DirtyGarage 5 days ago
make full cover cases pleaseeeee
Techfolf 5 days ago
Thanks for the Rebel Gen 2, greatest case i’ve ever had!!! 😍😍😍
Glam craft
Glam craft 5 days ago
I want a neon pink iPhone 😩
Oh Kay’s Life
Oh Kay’s Life 5 days ago
It’s like every time I buy the newest products new stuff comes out. I just got a new watch, iPad and AirPods ughh
valentine girl
valentine girl 5 days ago
its ok girl! the features are rarely different n nobody has the money to buy the newest products every fall ✋🏿😭
Saimum Salam Riayn
Gift me please 🥺
jkirk1626 5 days ago
Two features I love in my Mous Limitless 3.0 case are the built-in compartments for a sim card ejection tool and sim cards. These compartments are recessed into the portion of the case that touches the back of the phone, but recessed so there's no contact with the phone. On your case, the shock absorption is what piques my interest, particularly from your drop test from the tower. Will your product have such recessed compartments?
RobloxRyanYT 8
RobloxRyanYT 8 6 days ago
im soooooooooooooooooooooo going to get the iPhone 13
Raheeb Ahsan
Raheeb Ahsan 6 days ago
i have iphone xs going to upgrade. should i get iphone 12 pro right now or wait for 13 pro? looks will be same?
Raheeb Ahsan
Raheeb Ahsan 5 days ago
@Dylan Power then im waiting too🥳❤️
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 5 days ago
@Raheeb Ahsan the name doesn’t matter. It’s only 3 months away
Raheeb Ahsan
Raheeb Ahsan 5 days ago
@Dylan Power im just confused whether it will be iphone 12s or 13 bcz i want to have 13 not 12s
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 5 days ago
Literally. I have a Xs max and I think I’ll wait for the 13 pro max. Just wait as it’s only about 3 months away
Vocal V
Vocal V 6 days ago
Can we not have a new iPhone I just got the 12 :(
Yung B
Yung B 6 days ago
I’m still running this shit on an iPhone 1
vhira 6 days ago
Can you make a clear case for the iPhone 12 case 🙏🏻
Dakota Freyser
Dakota Freyser 6 days ago
I’m really looking forward to the “smaller” notch
Snapper 4 days ago
I’m looking forward to no notch…
SneakyTurtle510 6 days ago
Would like them to fix imessages where you can search messages from over a year ago. And for the app to stop freezing. Iphone xs max 256gb and imessage runs bad.
Princess Yonna ♡
I love that everything is becoming digital because I loose things a lot
Alex Zhu
Alex Zhu 6 days ago
Hey what's up I just wanted to know is fingerprint scan is still real for the new IPhone?
Quade Carter
Quade Carter 6 days ago
5:02. What’s with all the caskets? Lol
I'm Jayson
I'm Jayson 6 days ago
I always enjoy watching things I can’t afford. 💕 great vlog btw! A new subscriber here. More power! ❤️
Garret Zenanko
Garret Zenanko 6 days ago
I hope the lidar comes to the mini! 🤗
geee 6 days ago
No changes from IPhone 12
Indisplay fingerprint sensor in inphone 13 pro?.....will they
Mr. Monster
Mr. Monster 6 days ago
Something I know apple will never do but it’s something I would love to see is a make your own phone, you can make Your own phone with a selection of features you can add
Car Status Pakistan 🇵🇰
Please Make Video On How To Install IOS 15 on iPhone 12 Pro
Yoona Wong
Yoona Wong 6 days ago
Imagine m1 mini for the iphone 13
Tristan de Jonge
Tristan de Jonge 6 days ago
my only question is: Can we get a yellow iphone again?
Freddy C Luffy
Freddy C Luffy 6 days ago
A nice clear case that won’t turn yellow would be nice 👍
jairo ramirez
jairo ramirez 5 days ago
Gear4 cases dude
Omer Shakeel
Omer Shakeel 7 days ago
When iOS 15 released?
Allofraipran 7 days ago
Great things
Zihan Song (xiaohanhan)
Cristian Gomez
Cristian Gomez 7 days ago
Apple Watch Seven now I barely upgraded to the six two months ago lol
Steezy Ken
Steezy Ken 7 days ago
so i currently have an iPhone 8 Plus and i was thinking about upgrading to the 12 Pro Max but the phone company suggested i wait til the 13 lineup launches, comparing the 12 pro max and 13 pro max, would you guys think it's worth waiting the extra 3-3.5 months?
Eksan sahara
Eksan sahara 7 days ago
Keren banget...
Adam Paul
Adam Paul 7 days ago
A man of excuses is always full of failure
A J 7 days ago
I have iPhone 7+ and I’m not gonna upgrade until Apple gonna remove that FRIGGIN NOTCH 🤬 like srsly, Chinese smartphones are already next century! Build in fingerprint, screen from top to bottom, no notches, stunning designs! Cmon Apple, you can do it!
Annette Owusu
Annette Owusu 7 days ago
Bruh why did you put the thumbnail saying is iPhone 13 but the phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max
Kierra Martin
Kierra Martin 7 days ago
This seems like an S year
Zoro 7 days ago
Can we expect iPad 9th gen because If it releases I will wait or I will buy 8th gen thank you.
Benjamin Lehman
Benjamin Lehman 7 days ago
I want a new iPhone but at this point I think it’s worth it to wait.
DC LOFT TV 7 days ago
Give me iPhone 12 plsssss
Nick Barnett
Nick Barnett 7 days ago
Don’t hear much off you these days???
emmaunel hope
emmaunel hope 7 days ago
Well all thanks to vilian_tech on iG he's the best I can talk about here
Jasim Ahmed
Jasim Ahmed 7 days ago
This is not the original iPhone 13 mobile
Vardhan Batavia
Vardhan Batavia 8 days ago
Why do you promote your cases dude. Its boring
Andrew Casanova
Andrew Casanova 8 days ago
I would like iPhone have more than 12 mega picksel
bill 8 days ago
Why do you allow ads? Interruption - makes your vlog irritating need to either watch the Ad; or play a game to see who can erase the the fastest
bill 8 days ago
Hello Filip, nice to see you, you are my #1 go-to for EverythingApplePro. Will you have a new case then for the 13?
Aro Vazquez
Aro Vazquez 8 days ago
👏🏻 On your AFA 🇦🇷 tshirt!!
Two Legend
Two Legend 8 days ago
Apple isn’t safe anymore, don’t buy... all your privacy is out
Ninja ni Habibee Channel
outdated mobile fone have a huge notch wasting of money be practical save your money cause one day we will die all with nothing
Rusydi Didi Vlog and gaming
If iphone 13 did have hole punch display i am move from my samsung s20 plus
Anthony Gaupo
Anthony Gaupo 8 days ago
Hello, will they launch iphone13 this year?
gelaigurl05 5 days ago
Yes. Apple does it every September.
Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma 8 days ago
SE 3 which month release...
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh 8 days ago
iPhone 13 looks really Nice 👍 Some Great features too 📱Not long Now.
Alex Butsenko
Alex Butsenko 8 days ago
Men the series 7 looks a lot better
Mohamed Ismail Asmi
Hai fker... people make iPhone n u money from 2009 u r note super star but u r pisofshi
Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman 8 days ago
Apple watch looks so ugly in square design. 👎
Brandon Love
Brandon Love 8 days ago
Fix your echo voice bro please
MostlyCraft 8 days ago
How about m1 on iphone 13?
Lachlan Tate
Lachlan Tate 8 days ago
When do apple usually reveal the products coming soon? (When will the Apple Watch 7 be revealed?)
valentine girl
valentine girl 5 days ago
D R 8 days ago
I want iPhone mini with lidar and lazer measurements and all other capabilities .
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