NEW AirPods 3 Clone Unboxing! $49 Surprise! 

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The first 1:1 AirPods 3 clone is here, BEFORE official release. $49 AirPods 3 clone review. It's a perfect replica (based on leaked CADs) Full AirPods 3 vs AirPods Pro design overview!

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May 5, 2021




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EverythingApplePro E A P
My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪 phonerebel.com/products/rebel-gen-2-series
Ada Zeb
Ada Zeb 16 days ago
Titus Robinson
Titus Robinson 20 days ago
How comfortable are they because the originals - Regular AirPods not pros are the most comfortable.
Raushan singh
Raushan singh 4 days ago
instagram.com/reel/CQG3Nj3Bezo/? Bro they stole it from him.
peepeepoopoo 6 days ago
Bro I could just take the earbuds off of my AirPod pros and call it the AirPod 3.
刘卓 6 days ago
Plz do a hands-on video about these new noise reduction TWS! 1. VIVO TWS 2 2. OPPO Enco Free 2 3. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro 4. EDIFIER NeoBuds Pro (the first TWS got Hi-Res approval)
刘卓 6 days ago
And also a really cheap noise reduction TWS Redmi AirDots 3 Pro - $46.74
Fernando Salazar
Fernando Salazar 6 days ago
you got burnt bro
AE in China
AE in China 8 days ago
Максим Тарнава
Top for your money, really
Jimmy Brooks
Jimmy Brooks 10 days ago
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27)
Amnon Chen
Amnon Chen 12 days ago
Where can I buy that???
D Pods
D Pods 14 days ago
Where can you buy these?
Tech It Out
Tech It Out 17 days ago
Man where have you been? It seems you haven’t been uploading as often. Anyways good to have you back :)
Apple Fan
Apple Fan 18 days ago
Air 60 wha?
TheAnh27 Entertainment
I want to order this airpod Who has the link ? Pls
J&T 22 days ago
I will buy this AirPods 3
Bumble Play
Bumble Play 24 days ago
3:53 this is realy nice desing
Spoizy 25 days ago
Do the clones feel loose and feel like there gonna fall out?
Xavier Lucero
Xavier Lucero 25 days ago
I can’t be the only one to think these looks like soccer balls ⚽️ 🤣
Chemicalz 18
Chemicalz 18 26 days ago
What kind of blade is that? Where can I purchase one? Thanks Nvm. I’ve found it on amazon
Lucknest 26 days ago
Just sold my AirPods Pro yesterday. They kept giving me ear infection, as they go really deep in the ear. They sound great, the cancellation is awesome and I love the Atmos with Apple 4K, but I will get this.
Podtrash Radio
Podtrash Radio 28 days ago
I'm really glad that AIrPods 3 are like this! AirPods Pro are nice sound quality wise.... but they are much harder to remove from the case and those rubber pieces feel uncomfortable in my ear. So I stuck with AirPods 2 because they just are so much easier to pop in your ears and back into the case. These AirPods 3 seem to bring the features of AirPods Pro and the comfort/ease of AIrPods 2.
PiliPili Speed
PiliPili Speed 29 days ago
Saki Mahmud
Saki Mahmud Month ago
I love iPhone, I am stacked with a 4s, it’s a livein stuff of Stive jobs, so I don’t through it. What will I do further.
Saki Mahmud
Saki Mahmud Month ago
Hello, I am in Bangladeh, Flowing you
Josh Fabregas
Josh Fabregas Month ago
u need head??
morningstar Month ago
The size looks exactly the same as AirPods 1, just the orientation is different
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley Month ago
When are they going to come out ?
I wish you'd review QCY, Haylou and 1MORE's Pistonbuds
Utkarsh Yadav
Utkarsh Yadav Month ago
What the fuck is snap test bro...it is worthless.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Month ago
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Month ago
Bhai ek phone do n
AOG Month ago
Great video, do you think that the official AirPods 3 will be a better product than the current AirPods Pro?
Syed Paradin Khan
Can we order Carkita who home
Wisxper Month ago
Nothing android noob Jk lol
Marcos Vinícius Petri
Why does he always have a bandaid on the exact same place on his hand, in every video? Is just for the looks?
Jo Do
Jo Do Month ago
Your shaky cam treatment is not working very well brother.
Ahiezer O
Ahiezer O Month ago
Can you tell me what type of box cutter are those? I would like to know the name of it, please. I be using my pocket knife, but don’t like using it, because it has teeth.
Sơn Siisaa
Sơn Siisaa Month ago
I wish I have an old iphone 8 plus playing pubg games can you help me
Unstable Ai
Unstable Ai Month ago
The clones are getting better and better, i still remember the first tws models and they were awful
LV Streeter (LVstreeter)
I don't own an iPhone but I don't see iPhone owners buying clones of AirPods
soul inspirations
Why no link to buy?
Unbekannter Nutzer
Am I the only one who still rocking the Airpods 1? 🤝
YANTARS Month ago
Welcome back! Happy to watching You again!!! Stay safe and please don’t leave us
DedoGamingONE Month ago
Is there a link to buy this?
M A Month ago
Release time frame?
Lui Month ago
I might want those. I found two apple EarPods on the stepped on and pushed to the ground at a park, I bright them home clean the but can’t tell if work cause I don’t have the case to connect. They look good. The ate either the 1 or 2; can’t tell. Perhaps I get these you showed.
KalebDaLegend Month ago
If anyone is looking for the REAL LINK for these cheap I made a video on my channel your welcome ✨😂
KSFish FX Month ago
THEBEST alexander
Thank uuuuu🔥
Lee Month ago
I’m surprised you’ve didn’t recommend this to me earlier
Kafi Smokie
Kafi Smokie Month ago
his video is so clean !!
Bianca Month ago
Where do you find them?
Wen Yang Shen
Wen Yang Shen 8 days ago
Hello, this is the purchase link: www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002592602835.html?spm=5261.ProductManageOnline.0.0.16e84edfyodSZf
Bianca Month ago
@KalebDaLegend what's the site
KalebDaLegend Month ago
I made a video on where to get em
Anubhav Saha
Anubhav Saha Month ago
If i use some other wireless earphones with my iwatch instead of Apple airpods will I miss out any special features? Big confusion for investment.
Stupid boy
Stupid boy Month ago
release Date not confirm
Chamandeep Kaur
Chamandeep Kaur Month ago
How much cost of this one????
04bartek Month ago
It’s a fucking downgrade why the fuck don’t they have eartips
adi prima
adi prima Month ago
Maybe when apple release the real one and update his software.. the feature will be unlock in this clone.. 🙃
Sherwin Platilla
Praneetha all
Praneetha all Month ago
Paolo Perez (FaULu)
Filip Koroy why you look so slim? You sick bruh? You look very thin.
ZygardeCruiser Month ago
Whaaaa, no eartips?
Cesaetho C
Cesaetho C Month ago
No plastic tips no sir why does 🍎 always hv2 out do themselves Diablooooooooo no entiendo loco 🤦🏽‍♂️
Luke Byrom
Luke Byrom Month ago
noticed with some clones don’t work while having an apple watch connected as well…. is this the same case with these clones ?
D A Month ago
Dude. Dont fall for it. They just removed the tip of the AirPods pro
KBOS Aviation
KBOS Aviation Month ago
I want that box cutter!
Rob Gillingham
Rob Gillingham Month ago
Where is the link? I want to try these out as my work headphones. Untill the Apple version comes out
Who is watching this on may 2021
OO Month ago
Apple had a recent event and no reaction to it? This is not the normal throws me off
SolidSonicTH Month ago
Hey, a fun video.
Chris Winterrowd
I have no idea how this will fit in my ear.
Kosta Ch
Kosta Ch Month ago
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen Month ago
Chinese would copy anything!
8xb Month ago
imagine if the company who made these copyrighted them so apple couldn’t make them 🤣😂😭
ISP Month ago
How do they get H1 chips??? It’s super mysterious……
rallie_86 Month ago
Where to get those? Haha would be fun to try out!
Bruh. com
Bruh. com Month ago
so should i get them or???
T E J A Month ago
release date??
cool videos
cool videos Month ago
What happened to daily uploads everythingapplepro?
Lavaøfficial Month ago
Am really enjoying watching these videos man!
rexy cool
rexy cool Month ago
The apple AirPod pro are better those don’t have the tips
Football Shorts
Football Shorts Month ago
THEBEST alexander
Best pods i have bought are ones from PROMAXPODS,CO because they are same as apple ones. I love them because of sound quality. My recommendation. I EVEN MADE A VIDEO
Jindrich Kral
Jindrich Kral Month ago
Hi man. And what about calling? Did u tested it? I bought and tested Pro clones and its pretty good sound, was surprised, real loud, base are kind of cutted on electronic music good on rock/metal but calling (mic) is unusable. I hear clear, other side hear it like Im at the tube in 2m distance, with wind or other souds around no chance...
xNightlord Reaper
I wish Apple makes an AirPods SE
ꌗꀘ sharMa
ꌗꀘ sharMa Month ago
nice,,, from 🇶🇦
Jack Ames
Jack Ames Month ago
i love how he just left the airtag on the table and didnt talk about it lol
Jaswinder Bansal
What’s the website to get these??
KGF GAMING Month ago
can you send me a ipad pro 2018 and a airpods
est84inc Month ago
Thats trash. the AirPods 3's is not gonna have Noise canceling, Transparency & no ability to change size on ear pierce smh
Aidan Raymond
Aidan Raymond Month ago
Video idea: EAP going to the Google ecosystem for a week
Junaid Junu
Junaid Junu Month ago
Hey bro please your next video contact number
Erick Ferrini
Erick Ferrini Month ago
I think the 2nd gen AirPods are the best
Teth Raksmey
Teth Raksmey Month ago
air60 ??
tejael1 Month ago
Why come on apple release Beats pro 2 sick of all the AIRPODS.
Bitar, Rabih
Bitar, Rabih Month ago
I have a feeling that the original item will be amazing
Shoxxy Fps
Shoxxy Fps Month ago
The only issue I face with wireless devices is the delay and jitter of sound, can be frustrating. But maybe it’s because of how old and out dated my Air pods are.
Shoxxy Fps
Shoxxy Fps Month ago
U mean a lot to me
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair Month ago
Bruh they are basically AirPods Pro without ear tips
Phương Huy
Phương Huy Month ago
Rageeb Pathan
Rageeb Pathan Month ago
Ohh finally u realised u hve USlift channel aswell
lilstump55 Month ago
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life
Rex D.
Rex D. Month ago
Wish I had the link, I’d cop em!!
Taino Andino
Taino Andino Month ago
Dude, Why are you always cut?
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