Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test! 

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Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?

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Jan 27, 2021




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EverythingApplePro E A P
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Anjana Dilshan
Anjana Dilshan 6 days ago
Im very sad because I do not have a phone and I have no money to buy it 😢 😢 ...
mrutyunjay Honwad
Can u do give away pls love from india
Bbek Tharu
Bbek Tharu 15 days ago
Can I get that broken iPhone..😔
TUANS youngs
TUANS youngs 18 days ago
Can you please give me one
Axum Matovu
Axum Matovu 22 days ago
man you seriously on the iphones side😶
MUHAMMAD SHAFAN 12 hours ago
Max Kim
Max Kim 14 hours ago
Do the cases have MagSafe capability?
Hansa dineth
Hansa dineth 16 hours ago
please give me a 1 phone only 😪🥺😭
Samuel Opoku kusi
Samuel Opoku kusi 16 hours ago
My heart. My 12 pro max fell with the cover and screen protector on it but still felt scared.
Emir Kırmızıgül
Emir Kırmızıgül 20 hours ago
Bizim burda bu telefonları alcak paramız yok adamlar kırıp parçalıyor
지호 신
지호 신 22 hours ago
İpone use glass..
I am A smurf
I am A smurf Day ago
If you don’t buy good quality shock proof cases like supa case made by unicorn beetle ; buying these phones you need your head examined ; my 8 plus with that easy to break glass back ; I have thrown that at a brick wall hard to demonstrate to people the protection cases a good quality case has , the 8 plus after years of me having it now upgraded to pro max ; that phone looks as mint as they say I got it 3 years ago ; invest in a quality case if you are going to spend loads of money on these phones
brian4480 Day ago
I like how he tries to hint that the apple is better built... then the it bites the dust first. Here is the fact... No phone can get dropped like that and survive. If you do it 100 times with new phones from the exact height the only thing you will find is both will get wrecked more often than not.
PaksRose ū
PaksRose ū Day ago
You didn't tested the wireless charger
Ikhwan Az EN1
Overall the winner is iPhone iPhone - broken at back Samsung - cover lens - broken at front - fingerprint not working Nokia be like 😂 “hold my ass”
Yerbamatey Day ago
I'm glad I got the ultra lol So much for the ceramic glass being the most durable
these depend on how tall you are so this video isn't 100% accurate
Thomas Coady
Thomas Coady Day ago
I know i saw shit broke off in the crystal phone case test
Антон Самойлин
Thank you for this test! Now I am more confused about which phone to buy.
Fr1es 2 days ago
My heart dropped when the s21 dropped 😰
Sammie 2 days ago
I prefer apple because that what I’m use to, but the 11 with the glass back. WHYYYYY atlest they fixed it but still
Fischer Kingston
Fischer Kingston 2 days ago
I woulda stuck with my 12 pro max, if the amoled screen behaved like an amoled screen and not a lcd.
Parth Singh
Parth Singh 2 days ago
I m subscribing ur channel bro
Charvim Reyes
Charvim Reyes 2 days ago
I will get the s21
Adhe Irawan
Adhe Irawan 2 days ago
Giveaway me please
Barak Halla
Barak Halla 2 days ago
I see your thumb also drop tested..
insane gaming
insane gaming 2 days ago
Rip phones😂😂
blacksonne19 3 days ago
Every time you drop the s21 it hits flat n hard n the iPhone hits on its edges. You gotta figure out a way to make it the same I have a feeling if that communist apple phone hit flat n flush on the face from head height it would have cracked. The only reason people still think the apple is superior is because just like their political views facts shmacks. Even if there proven wrong they will scream an say wrong wrong wrong!!!! Android is far superior in every way. You could say the processor is better in Apple but in real world use its not. Every other way android beats it. Just Like Trump beat Biden that old dimentia having pervert who can't tell you the first 3 sentences on the Declaration of independence. If your a liberal it's a fairly important document written back in beginning of our nation's founding. But who cares right? So keep buying inferior phones n stay ignorant to our countries history
Lavender 3 days ago
Me hear the fall of the phones :did it break yea it must have broke 2 seconds later Him- AND it didn’t break Me: WHAT- Relatable anyone?
That's Iphone is
Mirg 3 days ago
Just knowing how much these phones costs these days makes these videos painful to watch 😅
Baddy Kay
Baddy Kay 3 days ago
they always pass these test but when my phone falls from my hand I instantly get a spider web on the screen
Jose Gamboa
Jose Gamboa 3 days ago
Se nota que tiene plata
Mustafa Suphie Muhammed
F*ck youuuuuuu man 🤒
saranakkk 3 days ago
iPhone only has ceramic on the front btw
The Kingy
The Kingy 3 days ago
it is not fair for the samsung all the falls for samsung was on the entire screen the iphone always o the edges
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
Apple did that on purpose because then your screen does not break
FabianPro487 3 days ago
iPhone less goo 💪💪
Nahh B! Podcast & Productions
i swear i have to watch these videos on mute at the moment of the dropping lol. it hurts, it just hurts
Muhammed Hüsnü Yıldırım
Samsung KİNG
Paddy J
Paddy J 3 days ago
I don’t think anyone will drop it from that height on purpose
Collin Coutinho
Collin Coutinho 4 days ago
you talk too much bru
Demi Villegas
Demi Villegas 4 days ago
Can you give me a phone for my online class? Lol
Nathan “Norlick” Orlick
Bruh I almost never seen an iPhone without a smashed display. This shit got me wondering what tf people doing to their phones to smash em like that 😳
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
It’s just dumb teenagers that throw there phone
YON WORLD 4 days ago
The iPhone screen screensaver looks like cracks 😂
Muhammad imam Apriansyah
I need this phone😭
ALEX evidence
ALEX evidence 4 days ago
Why not give me the phone please than smashing it. please give it to me
JASON GLOBIO 4 days ago
That's why s21 ultra is the GOAT 🔥🔥
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
It lost
BreakfastBois 4 days ago
Ayo fuck apple that's why I got an 21
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
Ultra lost
Ajmal aju
Ajmal aju 4 days ago
ഇതെനിക്ക്‌ തരുമൊ🥺
Burazengije 4 days ago
Cemu to bolje ga daj meni
MrHotdog 961
MrHotdog 961 4 days ago
The screen lock on the apple phone at the start is a security feature
Deesj408 e
Deesj408 e 4 days ago
Damn both these phones are beasts
Nathan Movick
Nathan Movick 5 days ago
Can i get an iphone that you dont use anymore please Im tired of using android all my life
Nathan Movick
Nathan Movick 3 days ago
@Candy Cane I live here in Fiji where eBay does not exist. Plus i dont have that kind of money since all of it is used for my tuition. You wanna send me a phone? Pretty please
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
You can save for iPhone X for $300 on eBay
مأحآممآد إبن آبدأللاخ قارإ
SAMSUNG 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Ryan C
Ryan C 5 days ago
Dropped my 21 ultra once screen is shot. Just black now. Hurts so much
Quaker Parrot
Quaker Parrot 3 days ago
Meanwhile with iPhone most models are likely to break after a high fall
Quaker Parrot
Quaker Parrot 3 days ago
(no screen protector)
Quaker Parrot
Quaker Parrot 3 days ago
Hmm no. Waste of money but I think Samsung is much more durable as shown in the video, I have also dropped my old Samsung phone over 10 times on its side,back,front you name it. I thought it would break but it never did the screen never broke
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
Switch to iPhone for durability 📲
Quaker Parrot
Quaker Parrot 4 days ago
I have just the S21 5g man but I feel bad for you that must have cost a lot of money. You got my sympathies man
Md Atiqur Rahman
Md Atiqur Rahman 5 days ago
Dont Waste Phn. If you have Extra Samsung 21+ ultra Give me samsung phn😄
alpha world
alpha world 5 days ago
I'm na android user, but I thought i phone would last long from back crack
alpha world
alpha world 5 days ago
Everytime he drops it hurts
Denny 5 days ago
Give those phones too us
TimetoRush XFiaD
TimetoRush XFiaD 5 days ago
Gift me a iPhone 12 pro max bro plz 🙂
BOBCHO 5 days ago
THAT IS SO FAKE!!!! I drop my s21 ultra right now and my screen protector is broken... and my screen from right up is broken too...FAK THE SAMSUNG... 1200€ and 20 days later is broken from 20cm...
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
Switch to iPhone for durability 📲
Ted Kord
Ted Kord 6 days ago
Wtf…no screen protector for the Samsung? That’s unfair…
花鯛🌸 6 days ago
Mahamad Syamand
Mahamad Syamand 6 days ago
کوردی لێیە🙂😂؟!
TN K 6 days ago
Him when phone got a little scratch: oh that’s fine Me: Heart attack
•Shixuka• 6 days ago
People can't afford iPhone and USliftrs like him is breaking iPhones..
hello there
hello there 3 days ago
@Candy Cane yes
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
Gacha life players are too dumb to understand guys
hello there
hello there 4 days ago
It's a drop test wweeeb
Kenneth Cabite
Kenneth Cabite 5 days ago
Girl do you even read titles it literally said DROP TEST so just incase if we want to buy a phone but can't decide which is more durable
BreadBoi0 “BreadBoi0”
However, Apple repairs cost more than the phone itself
BreadBoi0 “BreadBoi0”
@Candy Cane a back glass replacement? About 500 dollars.
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 days ago
You can get apple care for low payments and get screen replacement for $30
Music 961
Music 961 6 days ago
sell me the iPhone 12 Pro max destroyed as it is now! :)
Adam Paul
Adam Paul 7 days ago
A man of excuses is always full of failure
Adam Paul
Adam Paul 6 days ago
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Linda Rajeep
Linda Rajeep 6 days ago
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Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari 6 days ago
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Kelvin Nacho
Kelvin Nacho 6 days ago
@Masson Nuygen female has been in the game for years now, lack of recommendation has been their limiting factor.
Nelson Ruth
Nelson Ruth 6 days ago
I thought he was a scammer but believe me after meeting him up for the first time at UlCA Amar financial conference held in USA, He changed my ideology.
santiago gurem
santiago gurem 7 days ago
The galaxy is ugly as hell 😂🤣
Mannat Rattan
Mannat Rattan 7 days ago
Would you buy a Samsung or an iPhone? Choose from the 2 replies I have put in 👇👇
hello there
hello there 4 days ago
I'm an android person but I buy an iphone for games only because of 14 proccrsor
Mannat Rattan
Mannat Rattan 7 days ago
Mannat Rattan
Mannat Rattan 7 days ago
Hamed Sawany
Hamed Sawany 7 days ago
Instead of breaking the phone and testing its strength, give me any phone you have as a gift, even the one with which you do the tests 😅
Aoud Kasim
Aoud Kasim 7 days ago
I like iPhone
Tech Breakthrough
Just solidified Samsung is the best!!! Onces again
Topic Forto
Topic Forto 8 days ago
Plz give me that phone
Ah Eh
Ah Eh 8 days ago
S21 back is literally plastic that’s why it dont break 😂
Ben The Lion
Ben The Lion 6 days ago
Aluminum + 🦍 glass victus
Mobile BDinfo
Mobile BDinfo 8 days ago
Dey ᄋᄆ퍙 RedLips
You could give them to me instead drop them into the ground 🤠
Stephan Czapla
Stephan Czapla 8 days ago
I dont like how the camera man aimed the camera to the floor before the ultra falls and the iPhone he follows it down, idk just seems sus
Marieleon Degrou
Marieleon Degrou 8 days ago
why would he do that he just wanna mess it up for not reason at all cause he know iPhone better then stupid Samsung
Ashutosh Satapathy
Bro, the money you are wasting, distribute them among the poors in this pandemic situation. May you got some blessings.
Hannah 8 days ago
I can guarantee the first drop I'd have would be right on a weak spot and it'll smash.
G Fam
G Fam 8 days ago
It amazes me how my Samsung Galaxy a20 fell without any cover and barely cracked the screen and my home has tiles
David Muteb
David Muteb 8 days ago
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit 8 days ago
Is it just me or does this guy have an APPLE-BIAS syndrome???
GHOST RIDER 8 days ago
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
GHOST RIDER 8 days ago
Reon Lau
Reon Lau 9 days ago
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Cristymaerf3grgtt45454aah ggfffert55yde62 Paez
When tha brand new phone fell i will scream as loud as i can hehe
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
SunflowerCraft 9 days ago
As a person of a SE first gen, this hurts to see you smashing those phones
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Shell Brook
Shell Brook 9 days ago
Test results prove if you drop your phone, instead of screaming, count 3, 2, 1 and it should be fine!
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
mitch m
mitch m 9 days ago
I have the Ultra 21 And is not durable junk don't buy
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen 9 days ago
When will you make cases for Samsung?
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Claindy Schultzel
Rip to these phones 😑
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Yrg Eli
Yrg Eli 9 days ago
should i buy the samsung a52 or the iphone x or 11
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Dhawii Cade
Dhawii Cade 9 days ago
Pleas give me phone😭😭😭
No phone is safe once there in his hands.
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Claudiu Niculusca
Donation me iPhone 12pro max pleaseeee
Ajla Fontenot
Ajla Fontenot 9 days ago
Seeing the phone drop hurts my heart 💔
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Hmmm so the iPhone 12 pro max is good but the battery is only less than 4,000 mAh. Battery does fast I'm assuming
Taraka Veerendra
Taraka Veerendra 10 days ago
Oh gosh, please give me that iPhone, I will take good care of it
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Nicholas Crawford
Nicholas Crawford 10 days ago
My phone started shivering as I was watching....kind of cruel to make it play the torture of its comrades
sonu3530 10 days ago
Hey Man thanks for this wonderful review...i was confused between these 2 and you cleared my doubt....keep it up !!!
TheColorfulPube 10 days ago
Victus actually makes the curved display not as horrifying as it used to be.